Unisex Oversized Jumpsuit Yellow Splash

Unisex Oversized Jumpsuit Yellow Splash


This comfortable oversized one piece jumpsuit style with shorts has a button up front opening, with two piece collar. It’s unisex and comes with a matching belt in case you wanted a cinched in waist shape.

The design of these one-piece shorts with mid length sleeves is to be fun and free and for all sizes.
It can fit someone as small as 65cm (26inches) waist, to someone with a 108cm waist or chest (43inches)

Two side seam pockets. Front breast pocket.
Front center collar to crouch - 71cm/28 inches
Collar 37cm/14.5 inches
Sleeves 19cm/7.5 inches
Button up front opening has 5 buttons and is 45cm/17.75inches
Fabric is a poly cotton print light weight.

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