About sonny tann

A true pattern lover, Sonny Tan ventures the world from the two bases of Greenpoint NYC and District 4 Saigon, collecting fabrics and paper in all shades of weird and fun. Taking inspiration from the procured peculiarities themselves, Sonny Tann designs super-limited-run fashion and jewelry lines. 


The Greenpoint studio sees Sonny intricately design, then craft, delicate jewelry from card stock. With emphasis on the relationship between shape and color, the jewelry is made with love - to be loved, but not forever. Fantastical fabrics, both vintage and new, become unconventional statements of fashion, designed by Sonny, then constructed by families in Vietnam on a seasonal basis.  


Shapes, colors and designs straight from a kaleidoscope brain to a collage of jewelry and fashion in the first Sonny Tann collection: NOT FOREVER, released in May 2018.